Do you use the furima (clothing trade market)?
I've been using the furima (clothing trading market) a lot lately. Do other people use it as well?

If you don't use it, would you be interested in some basic instructions?

If you do use it, would you be interested in a list of common Japanese words/phrases that people post?
(For example: 何でも=anything; 以外=with the exception of, so 何でも以外靴下means the person will take anything except socks.)

My trades usually just say 何でも, because I like surprises. :) Sometimes I ask for 何でもくつ but nobody's offered any yet.

List of Blog Categories (translated)
Here's a translated list of blog categories -- so when you're blogging for coins, you can post in the right section. :D
(I also posted this list on my blog, feel free to leave a comment there instead.)

日記 = Diary
10代 = 10 years old
20代 = 20 years old
30代以上 = 30 years old and up
ニュース  = News
グルメ = Gourmet
レシピ = Recipe
ファッション = Fashion
美容/健康  = Health/Beauty
ペット/動物 = Pets/Animals
恋愛 = Love/Romance
仕事 = Work
アルバイト = Part time job
学校  = School
勉強 = Studying
テレビ = TV
映画 = Movie
音楽 = Music
マンガ  = Manga
アニメ = Anime
お笑い = Comedy
ゲーム  = Games
占い = Fortune
人生 = Life
家庭 = Family
友人 = Friends
子育て = Raising Children
ショッピング = Shopping
スポーツ  = Sports
レジャー/旅行  = Leisure/Travel
小説/詩  = Fiction/Poetry
自作小説 = Your Writing
アート/デサイン = Art/Design
パソコン/インターネット = Computer/Internet
車/バイク = Car/Bike
その他 = Etc

(The rest of them are Nicotto-specific topics. I might translate those later.)

Blog Topic: Life
alice, poupee
The topic is "Life" and this week's item is a decorated plant. (Someone want to add more information on what the decorations mean?) Go here to write your entry.

(I don't have time to write about the new event right now - go ride the bus and see what happens!)
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Soccer Game + Weekly Blog
New Blog Topic: This week is "Comedy" and the free item is a squeaky-mallet for your room. Go here to write an entry.

New Game: There's a soccer game in town - click on the pink soccer ball on the top left of the town map and then select one of the game machines.

1. Decide which part of the net to aim for (top, bottom, or center - but click the button when the goalee is out of the way!)
2. Click the red button to kick. Try and do it when the ball is in the center (red) part of the slider.
3. If you get 3 goals you get 10 coins. (I don't know how many times/day you can play this).

Also it looks like the kappas are giving out new items - I got a pot or something from them which I've never seen before. Is this happening to anyone else

Blog Topic: Fashion (get a free item)
alice, poupee
This week's blog topic is "Fashion". If you go here and post an entry, you will receive a pair of boots for your room.

(Why do I want boots lying around my room? Why not!)
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Free Items
I remember people used to post these. Okay, here's what I found:

EDIT: The blog topic changed today, its Romance now - I just updated the link.

1. On Nicotto Mountain (that's the big green triangular thing on the town map), you can pick strawberries 3 times per day and get either items or coins (So far I've only gotten an item once).

2. Buy and wear one of the buckets from the fashion shop. Then talk to the kappas in town and they will each give you an item or coins once per day. (So far I only found 2 kappas but I think there's 3?) The bucket costs 300coins so I guess it's not *really* free, though.

3. Once per week, you get a room item for writing a blog entry on a certain topic. This week's topic is "Romance" and the item is a box with a ring. (Go here to write your entry.)

4. Talk to some of the animal people in town and they give you items from the site's sponsors. (Try the ones standing outside the sponsor shops.) I got a band poster and a jar of tea.

Anyone find anything else?
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Nicotto English Guide: 1 - The Menus
alice, poupee
This is the first in the series for people who don't speak Japanese. This post is for the basics of getting around the site.

If other people want to write explanations of the different sections, I will link them from here so we can find everything easily.

Big pictures under the cut ... here's an example of one of them!Collapse )

See what I mean?Collapse )

Blog Topic: Romance (Get Free Item)
(I'm back to playing this game, I guess!)

You can get a free item by writing a blog post. This week's topic is "Romance" and the free item is an ice cream! Go here to write in your blog.
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Blog topic: Poem/Novel (get a free item)
You can get a free item by writing in your blog. For April 16-22 the topic is Poem/Novel and the item is a stack of books for your room.

Go here and write a blog post. The item will appear in your room when you are done. (I think it has to be the first post of the day - I'm not sure about this, though!)

If you have problems, check this post.
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Nicotto News
These are the latest news posts. If someone who speaks better Japanese wants to translate the actual posts, go for it! Otherwise you can muddle through with

- Maintenance 4/7 from 9:30-15:30. From 8:00-15:00 you will not be able to buy P coins.
There is a description of what the new improvements will be:

- Monday April 6 to Tuesday April 14 they will lift the restrictions on giving gifts.

- From March 10 to April 9 (at 15:00) you will receive certain gifts for purchasing P coins. From April 9 to May 14 (at 15:00) there will be a new set of gifts.

- On April 14th there will be maintenance to change how gift items work (to prevent regifting, looks like). There is a description of the changes in these two posts:


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